• “Final Cutz” Red Lotus Productions, Santa Fe, NM

  • “The Dead of Night” produced by PRC Productions

  • “Big Kill” Archstone Picture, Los Angeles, CA

  • “End Game” San Vincente Productions Inc, Santa Fe, NM

  • “Deception” Venus Fire Productions, Albuquerque, NM

  • “Game On” Jennie Crystle Productions, Santa Fe, NM

  • “Wolff’s Law” Bully Film LLC Productions, Albuquerque, NM

  • “Dead River” Trembling Sun Films Productions, Santa Fe, NM

  • “Eve Angelic” Luca Ceccarelli Productions, Santa Fe, NM


  • Various, Neuro-Acupuncture Institute, Santa Fe, NM

  • Various, Red Lotus Productions, Santa Fe, NM

  • “Battle of Glorieta Pass” Protec State of New Mexico, NM

  • “Born Without Thighs” Barcroft Media Ltd, New York, NY

  • “Metal Road” Aboriginal Lens Ltd


  • Institute for American Indian Arts, Santa Fe, NM

  • Therapy Solutions, Santa Fe, NM

  • Cliff Han Testimonial produced by Beverly Boy Productions, San Diego, CA

  • Media Distrinbution Solution, Plano, TX

  • Red Lotus Productions, Santa Fe, NM

  • Beverly Boy Productions, Tustin, CA

  • Buffalo Thunder Hotel, Santa Fe, NM

  • Hero Content, New York, NY

  • Half Life Productions, Albuquerque, NM

  • New Mexico Public Education Department, Santa Fe, NM

  • Clifford Benski Productions Co.

  • FinBack Films Porducrion Co.

  • New Mexico Coalition for Literacy, Santa Fe, NM

  • Plaza Galeria, Santa Fe, NM

Social Media & Other:

  • MixedMakeup, Los Angeles, CA

  • Boldy Untitled Productions, Santa Fe, NM

  • Chilkat Blankets, Santa Fe, NM

  • First Nation, Santa Fe, NM

  • Albuquerque Museum Foundation, Albuquerque, NM