Claudio Fiordellisi, also known as Fiore, received his first camera (pictured below) when he was six years old from his father. At the time, Fiore lived in Milano, Italy, where he grew up and became a professional photographer. As supervisor in one of the largest commercial photography labs in Milano, to freelance photographer for advertisements, portraits, and weddings, Fiore continued his on-going love and career in photography when he moved to the United States to be with his future wife. Fiore's agility, love of travel, and attention to detail complement his work as a visual artist. Fiore's interest and subsequent education in film-making guide his latest work. With a Bachelor degree from the Institute of American Indian Arts in Cinematic Art and Technology with high honors, he broadened his abilities by working with the latest in camera digital technology equipment and software. As a photographer he works individually and in film he works collaboratively as part of a team. Still, his contributions in either medium remain the same: an artist that can see things that others may quickly dismiss, his original eye and unique perspective, and the way a scene is successfully composed. Currently, he lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico.